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la barque d'Yves (tranchant)
les chauds lapins

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One early dawn all along the bank,
the shadows discreetly fell
Everything in nature,
howled and whispered
and laughed with the brilliant sun
On that mad little boat,
heaving and sailing,
Yves told me tenderly,

"Lower your eyes my dear
and don't mind the day
When on your pretty lips,
my kiss passes and flees
Forgetful of the earth,
I love you and when you sleep,
Love and mystery
will lull your golden dreams"

But one stormy day,
there was a shipwreck
and our boat was dragged below
A sailor who sucumbs
has no other tomb
than the sea which makes us weep
And since then I listen
and one day no doubt
I will hear him whisper to me,

"Lower your eyes my love
fate is much stronger
Than pretty lips and golden dreams
When your defenceless heart
is weary of suffering,
Come into the immense sea,
come and sleep close to me "

I've just heard him now
and his voice tenderly
calls my name over and over
My pain has died
and now the boat
carries me closer to him who is waiting
A gentle wave
carries and pushes me,
and tells me, embracing me

"Close your eyes my love
and don't mind the day,
When on your pretty lips
love slowly dies
Earthly joys are shattered by fate,
Only shadow and mystery
cradle our golden dreams"

many thanks to Anna M.


by Capuchine