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Les Chauds Lapins photos


Les Chauds Lapins by Pei-fu Chen

credit: Pei-Fu Chen
Les Chauds Lapins (left to right): Karen Waltuch, Garo Yellin, Andy Cotton, Kurt Hoffman, Meg Reichardt

credit: Stephen Barker
Les Chauds Lapins (left to right): Meg Reichardt, Kurt Hoffman, Garo Yellin, Karen Waltuch, Andy Cotton

credit: Stephen Barker
Les Chauds Lapins
Kurt Hoffman and Meg Reichardt

credit: Stephen Barker
Les Chauds Lapins: left to right: Meg Reichardt, Kurt Hoffman, Karen Waltuch, Andy Cotton, Garo Yellin


Poster-size image of "Parlez-moi d'amour" album cover art. Illustration by Kurt Hoffman

selected press coverage

"One of the most delightful, delectable and infectious pieces of music I’ve heard in a long time.... this titillating throwback to French cabarets and American jazz joints, is a fresh breath of provocative, art-pop air....a soothing salve for an aching heart."
My Old Kentucky Blog – Track Review (2.14.11)
My Old Kentucky Blog – Video Feature (3.22.11)

"Pomo fun or what? A trip to the French café in your mind by a band that keeps bringing you back for more coffee and Gitanes. Simply a first class sonic getaway delightfully performed and intimately recorded.... Top shelf all the way."
Midwest Record – CD Review (2.18.11)

"Given the background of the two main members, Meg Reichardt and Kurt Hoffman (the Roulette Sisters, the Ordinaires, They Might Be Giants, etc.), it would be too easy to imagine that everything would be too clever by half. Instead, there's something very appealing about this collection of jazzy, often bizarre French chanson from the 1920s and ‘30s. At times the whole thing sounds as if it's escaped from one of Raymond Scott's mad dreams, and at others it sounds like the entertainment at a Left Bank café. Guaranteed to bring a smile."
All Music – CD Review (4.1.11)

"French-swing revivers Les Chauds Lapins are neither French nor born in the early 1900s, but they fake both really well "
NBC New York – Concert Preview (2.16.11)

"Playful, fresh, and smart. ... This is perfect for fans of folk, Americana, French, and other acoustic European musics."
Inside World Music – CD Review (2.24.11)

"The songs on Amourettes are romantic, whimsical.  They are both nostalgic and new, with original arrangements... [Meg] Reichardt’s voice is swoony and light, with breathless, subtle phrasing that conveys the romance and flirtatiousness of the songs."
JSI Top 21 – CD Review (3.12.11)

"One of New York’s most refreshingly original, interesting bands. It’s been a delight watching them evolve and blossom over the past four years....already in bloom when they released their 2007 debut Parlez-Moi D’amour, which made our Best Albums list that year. Four years later, their new one Amourettes captures them pursuing a vein that’s both more sensual and more diverse."
Lucid Culture – CD Review (3.21.11)

Clearly, these are people who have a sense of humor about sex..
Jewish Daily Forward – CD Review (4.4.11)

"...another great starting place for French sounds. Even though they're not even remotely French.."
Soundroots – CD Review (4.5.11)

The lead vocals (entirely in French) are mainly handled by Reichardt, though Hoffman chimes in often enough, and when the two voices combine (on the cover of Trenet’s delightfully odd “Le Fils de la Femme Poisson,” among others) the effect is enchanting. As is the entire album, really, in addition to being a great deal of fun. If you happen to have 45 minutes to set aside, I would suggest putting on Amourettes, curling up with the translated lyrics in hand and letting visions of hot rabbits dance in your head.
Roots World – CD Review (5.5.11)

WNYC Soundcheck – In-Studio Performance/Interview (3.24.11)

Première rencontre avec Les Chauds Lapins
by Patrick Caux / Le Devoir, Québec, oct 5 2007

english translation

Paris, Brooklyn
by Xavier K. Richard / Voir, Québec, Oct 4, 2007

english translation

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